Think about print opportunity: direct mail, banners, decals, literature, business cards, magnets… Print offers endless opportunities to touch your customers.

  • Print engages more of the senses than digital media, making it memorable. As customers feel and smell paper, they gain tactile memories to associate with you.
  • Print pushes you to consider how well your visual design translates across different media. While your logo and colors may look great on a monitor, how well would they do in paper and ink?
  • Print helps you test your ability to engage your audience. When there aren’t animations or clickable components available, how appealing is your brand?
  • Print gives you a tangible way to build credibility with your audience. By consistently displaying your logo, you are building brand awareness.
  • Print makes you more personable. It reminds people that you are a real person, not just a digital machine. Include team photos, use signatures – be real!
  • Don’t overlook the power of a local fan base. You need a strong foundation of retained customers to drive profit, since loyal shoppers tend to spend more than new customers. Take advantage local connections through print.